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The original Bee Club was founded in Cambridge in 1861 when a group of women gathered to sew uniforms for Union soldiers during the Civil War. After the war ended, the Bee continued to play an important role in the lives of its members, providing not only social and intellectual outlets, but also life-long friendships. The Bee inducted new members annually until 1910, when the group became a closed club until disbanding in 1931. Sixty years later, in the spring of 1991, six Harvard-Radcliffe women who shared the desire to recreate this kind of fellowship, re-established the Bee Club. Today, the Bee thrives in its home at 45 Dunster Street in Cambridge and provides women with one of the only non-academic social environments at the college. The Bee has enabled its members to develop lasting friendships with peers of varied backgrounds and interests and anticipates a strong future.